– Startup Guide Nagoya –

Startup Guide (entrepreneurial guidebook) blows a new global breeze into Nagoya, located in the center of Japan. As such, a online event is definitely in order and we would love if you joined us!!!


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We would like to use ” Startup Guide Nagoya ” as a detonator to further leap forward the still small startup ecosystem in Nagoya/Central Japan region and develop it into larger activities.
This is the second city-specific version in Japan after the Tokyo
(issued in November 2019), and is scheduled to be published 26th of March.

The Central Japan region, continues to develop economically with its strengths being a multi-layered manufacturing base centered on the automobile industry.

In recent years, the Nagoya Innovator’s Garage has been required to respond to changes in social and industrial structures such as the progress of the digital revolution and population decline, and will serve as a hub base for the innovation ecosystem for sustainable growth in the Central Japan region.
We are working to revitalize startup activities by providing opportunities and support programs.

The Startup Guide is published in more than 35 cities around the world (as of 2021 Feb.), and contains basic information about each city, as well as information about startup companies, universities, investors / venture capital, programs, co-working spaces. The most influential medium in this field.

Global convection/network and fusion of different fields are especially important in revitalizing innovation and creating start-up companies, and by issuing Startup Guide NAGOYA, we will strengthen information dissemination to global universities, entrepreneurs, and investors.